Wells are proud to be the all Ireland Distributors for Air-Seal Tyre Sealant, the premier tyre sealant. This unrivalled technology is superior to any other tyre sealant on the market to date and it can-

  • Increase profitability by up to 20% and reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Depending on the grade of Sealant used, holes up to 30 mm (1.25inches) can be repaired using this technology
  • Stop most bead and rim leaks and slow punctures permanently
  • Reduce Operational Costs and Downtime
  • Improve Safety and Security

The sealant solution is fully reusable by transferring from old tyre to sealant container using the pump provided. This makes Air-Seal more economical than any other product on the market


As the tyre rotates, the product spreads evenly over the inside surface. Immediately after a puncture occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended in the sealant to interlock to form a plug which prevents any further air loss.

This action will be completed within two or three revolutions of the wheel. This is a mechanical process not a chemical reaction. It happens so fast that the driver may not know a puncture has happened. Later, when the tyre is inspected, if the nail or the cause of the puncture is still there, it can be removed.

Air-Seal Products Sealants are now widely used by major companies worldwide including:

  • Armed Forces & Private Security Companies operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of conflict
  • Governmental Departments and Aid Agencies
  • Waste Management, Demolition, Mining and Quarrying Industries
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers and their Customers
  • Civil Engineering and Building Contractors
  • Local Authorities and Leisure Businesses
  • Agricultural Contractors and Farmers
  • The Road Haulage Industry
  • Tyre Dealers and Fitters

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