An exhaust system is basically a series of pipes and boxes that carry combustion exhaust gases away from the engine, and out the visible exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle.

A healthy exhaust system ensures fuel efficiency, quiet smooth running of the vehicle and the channelling of toxic gases away from the vehicle and it's passengers. If you hear any strange noises coming from your exhaust such as hissing, groaning, chugging or notice black smoke being emitted form your exhaust, there could be a problem. Contact Wells Tyres for a FREE EXHAUST CHECK with one of our skilled technicians


An important part of the exhaust system is the Catalytic Converter. It became law (1993 in petrol cars, and 1997 in diesel cars) that a catalytic converter was fitted to each exhaust system.

These change the toxic emissions from the exhaust systems into a more environmentally friendly emission. It is possible for your vehicle to be taken off the road by a police officer, or an MOT fail if the incorrect levels of emissions are being produced. So, to keep your vehicle in tip-top working condition and to ensure your vehicle emissions are within legal regulations, call into Wells Tyres for a free exhaust check!


Wells Tyres offer fitting and fixing of exhausts and catalytic converters quickly and effectively, with highly skilled technicians, reliable equipment and
quality parts.